Caron Pescatore
Official website


Welcome to the official website for Kids' Court—well, it's actually MY offical website, but the kids have sort of taken it over. Hmm...I wonder how that happened? Anyhow, here, on OUR website, Luanna and the gang work really hard to provide truth, justice, and fairness for all! I'm so excited about their new series. And in case you're wondering—and you probably are—Kids' Court is a legal fiction/mystery novel series for middle grade readers. Check out the "Books" section for a description of the books that have been, and are about, to be released. Oh, and be sure to stop by the blog section. Luanna has started her own blog...FINALLY! Read her posts to get background information on Luanna and the other kids in the Kids' Court. You'll learn things like how it is that Luanna decided that she wants to be a lawyer when she grows up; what happened the first time she and Phoebe met, and a whole host of other info. Well, thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your visit!